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Court Advisory Committee
(Originated: 2005)

This Committee is newly created and its purpose is two-fold:  1.) To forecast the future needs of the Fairfield County Municipal Court in order to make recommendations that will better prepare the Court in meeting those requirements; and 2:) To consider specific issues brought to the Committee by the Fairfield County Municipal Court Judges and to make recommendations.

The Court recognizes that long-term planning is a necessity in good, strong leadership.  Furthermore, some planning may lead to significant changes.  The public at large is more likely to respect and concur with the recommendations made by a group of respected citizens and community leaders than from a single bureaucrat.

The main issue facing this Committee is to consider whether our Court is ready to meet the demands of the County in the next five, ten and twenty-five years.  Just how far in the future should Fairfield County Municipal Court be projecting and planning?  How should the Court adapt to the County's demands?  Will a third judge be required?  When?  Should a magistrate be more fully utilized?  When and to what extent?  Is there space in City Hall for a third courtroom?  Is an expanded utilization of a magistrate beneficial without a third courtroom?  Given that security has been identified as a problem for Fairfield County Municipal Court, what steps should be taken to make the building more secure?  Are these steps practical to take?  Should Fairfield County Municipal Court consider other facilities?  Should Fairfield County Municipal Court remain in a separate structure from other Courts in the county?  Should it be combined with the Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations Court, Probate Court and Juvenile Court?  Given the lack of space for inmates at the jail, should a Law Complex be built with all of the Courts in the County combined with a jail complex?  What information is required for this Committee to make informed recommendations concerning the above issues? 

Court Advisory Committee Meeting Dates

December 8, 2005

February 16, 2006

May 11, 2006

August 10, 2006

March 8, 2007

August 20, 2007

(Meeting minutes are available upon request.  Please contact the Court Administrator to receive a copy of the minutes)

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