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What is the Community Service Program?


     In 2005, the Court launched a new twist to the Community Service program.  The program itself has been revamped, and it is the desire of the Court to expand our reach further into the community.  The Court wishes for the Community Service Program to serve as an aggressive way for the probationers to pay back to the community for the crimes that they have committed.  We have been excited to focus our attention to City Departments, Schools, and Non-Profit Organizations.


     The Court also realizes that budgets are tight and manpower is sometimes stretched thin; projects are sometimes put on the back burner for lack of both.  The Court would like to ease some of these constraints by having the probationers provide assistance with painting, picking up litter, sweeping, or any other jobs such as these that take time to complete but still need to be done.


     Currently we are running a Saturday program, and we have a Probation Officer that will come and provide supervision.  However, if you have something that could be done through the week as well, we would be more than happy to arrange this also; however, an Officer would only be available to come on Saturday. 


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